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David Ferguson is Innocent

Following a quite astonishing discovery, Steve Sinclair has written an update to his article (first published in 2014) that now shows that David Ferguson is completely innocent of the murder of Susan Kent, beyond any doubt whatsoever. Please download it here:-

The Case Of David Ferguson 2nd Edition

If you haven't read the original article it would be of use to download and read that first here:-

The Case Of David Ferguson

The new evidence revealed in Steve's updated article has completely vindicated our views as to the evidence as a whole in David's case. We always knew that the Crown had willfully and shamelessly withheld crucial evidence proving David's innocence.

Shockingly though, come this November David would have been incarcerated by the State for 19 years for a brutal murder that someone else committed.

Please take some time to read about his case. If, like us, you believe Dave is completely innocent and you would like to send us a message of support then you can do that here. If you would like to lend more tangible support then please let us know how you can help.

Finally and most importantly if you have any information that might help Dave's case please do not hesitate to contact us. All information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Thank you.

Bob Woffinden 1948-2018

Steve Sinclair writes: It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of my good friend Bob Woffinden, who lost his battle with mesothelioma cancer at the age of 70 on 1st May 2018. It was Bob who'd initially taken an interest in and wrote about Dave's case and subsequently passed on his case files to me so that I could continue the investigation.

I first met Bob nearly ten years ago after contacting him about whether any new progress had been made in one of his pet cases, the A6 murder. We built up a good rapport over the years, corresponding and talking about a myriad of different miscarriage cases he had been contacted about. He even extended the privilege of asking me to proof read his last book The Nicholas Cases.

Bob will be sorely missed. That may seem a bit of a cliche, yet this country has very few journalists doing real investigative work as it is, without losing without doubt the best writer on miscarriages of justice since Paul Foot or Ludovic Kennedy. Yes he was that good. RIP Bob.

Both Dave and myself extend our sincerest condolences to Bob's family.

The crime journalist Duncan Campbell wrote a touching obituary for Bob in The Guardian on 11th May 2018.


Dave's Blog 1st March

Within the last week I have been notified that my parole process will begin at the end of June. This is some 6 months earlier than had been expected.

As an A-category prisoner and a lifer I do not hold out much hope of being released. Even more so as I maintain innocence of my conviction. As I have discussed in earlier blogs prisoners in my position have effectively been given an unofficial death sentence. Regardless though, my legal team and I will be applying for an oral parole hearing at which we will present a detailed case that strongly evidences justification for my release. more

Dave's Blog 11th January

My first blog for 2019, and unfortunately I have to start off with disappointing news.

My solicitors gave me the 'wonderful' Christmas present that they are withdrawing from my appeal. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly they do not feel that the prosecutions blatant misrepresentation of the DNA match estimation at my trial is sufficient evidence to proceed on. Ironically a new study has just shown that in 22% of successful appeals the prosecutions misrepresentation of forensic evidence was the key cause for the miscarriage of justice. more

Dave's Blog 2nd December

On the 19th of December I will have served 18 years in prison. These are 18 years of my life lost for no reason. These are 18 years lost to a judicial system that professes to be one of the best in the world, but in truth is utterly broken.

If proof of this was needed, the recent admission of the new Director of Public Prosecutions says it all. He has gone on record admitting that there may be innocent people in prison due to the police's endemic practice of withholding evidence that would substantiate a defendants case at trial. This is something the previous DPP hadn't had the integrity to admit. It is one of the reasons I have lost 18 years of my life. more

Dave's Blog 23rd October

Since my last blog my appeal solicitors still haven't answered any of my letters. Nor is there any indication that they have taken any constructive action to secure the evidence that the police and CPS withheld at my trial.

This has left me with no option other than to lodge a formal complaint against Mr Gavin Rose, my legal representative at Wells Burcombe Solicitors. As much as I didn't want to have to take this course of action, I simply couldn't sit here and allow things to continue as they have been. It is now over two years ago that the barrister for my appeal instructed Mr Rose to pursue the evidence the police and CPS hid at my trial which proves I was at a chemists during the crucial time frame. more

Dave's Blog 14th September

It's been a couple of months since my last blog. I'd hoped that in that time my appeal solicitors would have made efforts to move my appeal forwards. Unfortunately this has not been the case.

After writing to the senior partner at the solicitors raising issue at the lack of action in my appeal I received a response. David Wells assured me that he himself would now monitor what actions Gavin Rose was taking to move my appeal on. That was almost two months ago. Since then I have heard nothing more from my solicitors and no progress has been made. When Mr Wells last wrote to me he excused Gavin Rose's lack of progress as being due to Kent Police and CPS refusal to respond to his requests for disclosure of all the withheld evidence in my case. more


Bob Woffinden Writes...

Bob Woffinden, Britain's leading writer on miscarriages of justice, has given us permission to use this article he wrote about Dave's case for the June 2010 issue of Inside Time.

Susan Kent's body was found in the front bedroom of her house at about 4.15 in the afternoon of 24 November 1999.

She worked part-time both as a schools dinner lady and also as a childminder. She had a young son and it was because she had neither arrived at work as normal around midday nor picked her child up from school that the alarm was raised. She had separated acrimoniously from her son's father, and it was her mother who went round to her house on the outskirts of Gillingham, Kent and found the body. more

A message from Dave

David Ferguson has been in prison for a crime he didn't commit since November 2000. Here he speaks to you about his plight and his fight for justice.

For over a decade I have sat in prison for a murder that I did not commit. Unless you experience this torment first hand it is impossible to conceive. It is an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Do not believe what can be read in the press, prison is no holiday camp, especially when you don't belong here. It is an environment where those in power seize every opportunity to belittle, humiliate and abuse those who that they are supposed to be rehabilitating. It is an environment controlled by psychologists whose agenda is nothing less than to push prisoners to breaking point. more

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