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Blog entry 10th October 2021

It is several months since my last blog. In that time a fair bit has happened.

Firstly, the Court of Appeal rejected my application. As of yet I still don't know why. This is because it takes 6-9 weeks for the judgement to be published. Once it is I have a solicitor who has said that they will look at it and advise me as to how best to move forwards. No matter what, the fight to prove my innocence is not over and will continue.

Very recently an interested 3rd party has approached me after learning of my case from a lawyer they are acquainted with. They are very respected in their field and have expressed an interest in exploring my case further. At this time I cannot say anymore than that as nothing is set in stone. Of note is that this person's interest in my case was furthered after researching this appeal campaign website.

I have had criticism about promoting my pursuit to prove my innocence by the means of this website, most recently by contributors to my parole hearing. Yet this website has led to information being uncovered and still serves to raise questions about the safety of my conviction in relevant areas, and by people in positions of note. I will not apologise for that.

My parole hearing went ahead at the end of August. In all it took almost 6 hours. To cut a long story short my solicitor felt that it went well. The panels decision was as good as we could have hoped for and, has set out a clear path that is achievable, as long as HMP Wakefield does not try to obstruct it, before my next hearing in 12 to 24 months time. I have already submitted an application to the prison asking that the parole panels directions be implemented.