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Blog entry 1st March 2019

Within the last week I have been notified that my parole process will begin at the end of June. This is some 6 months earlier than had been expected.

As an A-category prisoner and a lifer I do not hold out much hope of being released. Even more so as I maintain innocence of my conviction. As I have discussed in earlier blogs prisoners in my position have effectively been given an unofficial death sentence. Regardless though, my legal team and I will be applying for an oral parole hearing at which we will present a detailed case that strongly evidences justification for my release.

In the last month I have finally received the application pack to have the Criminal Cases Review Commission investigate the safety of my conviction. This will take some time to complete. Numerous reports have to be finalised in preparation for submission. Fortunately the CCRC have the legal authority to make Kent Police and CPS hand over the vital evidence they chose to withhold at my trial. As a significant proportion of this undisclosed evidence proves my alibi I believe that it, in conjunction with the new DNA report will be enough to refer my case to the Court of Appeal.

Over the last several months I have acquired a new role here at HMP Wakefield. I am now a mentor in the gym for the level 1 YMCA award in fitness and physical activity. Meanwhile, after some 6+ months I am still waiting for the prison to arrange for me to complete my level 2 gym instructors qualification. Eight years ago another prisoner and I won a high court ruling against HMP Wakefield for unlawfully obstructing our educational pursuits. It makes a mockery of the legal system and process that despite this the prison can continue to defy the law and legal ruling. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought a prison's aim was to teach people now to respect the law and obey legal rulings.

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