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David Ferguson

Below are the letters from the family and friends of David Ferguson, sharing their memories of him and lending their wholehearted support to the campaign for his release.

Aunt Margaret and Uncle David, Dave's God parents.

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I am writing on behalf of:- David Ferguson, A8270AA, Wakefield Prison.

My Husband David is the godfather of David, he is the brother of David's mother. I personally have known David for over 40 years.

He comes from a normal, loving family. His father was always very proud of his children, David and his older sister Julia. They both enjoyed a good upbringing in a very stable family environment. We were all quite close, sharing social occasions and the odd holiday together, our family and his.

He had a secondary education which was good for him. He ended up with a good steady job working for McKays printers, as did all of his family. His father was a bookbinder by trade, his mother did office work. There was no problem with them all working in the same place, after his parents retired he remained there. He enjoyed cars, parties, girlfriends and holidays. His hobbies were mountain biking, martial arts as the main ones.

He saved to buy his own home which he achieved. He was devastated when his mother died of cancer, he was very close. His mother was a great champion of her son and campaigned relentlessly for his release.

His father was an ill man for years, he died a few years after his wife. He never believed the evidence and proved to himself the timing on that day was impossible.

We all find it utterly incomprehensible that David could do such a crime, the evidence is so weak. His mother never forgave herself for telling him of the murder and that he should go to the police to tell them he knew the victim, but he never held a grudge for this.

He was moved suddenly to Wakefield making it impossible for any of us to visit as we are all too ancient for the trip. My husband is sadly confined to a nursing home and is 80 years old. I am 67 and although I still drive, that journey is out of my league now.

We keep in constant touch by letter. Despite where he is he never forgets birthdays , anniversaries and Christmas. He is genuinely interested in the family and what we all do and how we all are. He is polite, intelligent, thoughtful, caring and when at home ready to lend a helping hand.