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Blog entry 18th March 2022

It's been a while since I last posted an update. At the moment I am considering the best way in which to move my appeal pursual forwards.

The reasons the Court of Appeal dismissed my application were disheartening to say the least. The panel of judges clearly did not understand key elements of my submissions. Particularly the evidence of my alibi that continues to be withheld by Kent Police and CPS. The Court of Appeal judges took the view that this evidence relates to my father. It does not and cannot in any way.

In his book, Dr Barrett is unquestionably clear and confident:-

  1. Witness statements from people in the chemists identified me by my tattoos. My father had none.
  2. The medicine bottle label had my name on it, not my fathers. It also placed me at the chemists during the crucial time frame in which the murder took place. Dr Barrett states in his book himself the time stamp on the medicine bottle label would mean that I could not have committed the murder.

Nor can it be overlooked that Kent Police and CPS's position at court was that there was no evidence whatsoever to place me at any chemists on the day of the murder. Dr Barrett's disclosures in his book clearly show this to be untrue.

Let's not forget, Kent Police and CPS insisted for decades that the shoe-lace in the Chilenden murder case was lost, and deny another Kent miscarriage of justice case the opportunity to prove their innocence. Clearly, when evidence does not fit Kent Police and CPS's narrative it simply disappears.

Nor do I believe that the appeal court judges fully grasped the new dna evidence. What questions would my trial jury have had if they'd known that:-

  1. At best the crime scene sample only matched me at a ratio of 1 in 3000 of the male western European population, extremely weak match.
  2. that it was a very fragmented partial profile, with the majority of allele readings missing. Of which any one could fully exonerate me.

Again, Kent Police and CPS's trial evidence was entirely misleading, claiming an extremely strong match and, giving the impression that a full dna crime scene sample profile had been obtained.

Whilst elements of the criminal justice system would have me shut-up and go away if they could, it's not going to happen. The evidence is there that proves my innocence. As uncomfortable as that may be for some it doesn't stop it from being provably true.