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Many thanks to all of you below who have sent messages of support to Dave.

27th December 2022
from... Muzy Mo
Dear Dave, its muzy mo,its been too long. I know you are innocent and pray for a miracle that will free you from this torment. I haven't forgotten you and never will. Such a genuine and supportive person to all who have the pleasure of your help and support. Miracles do happen, keep strong and positive as I know you are.
5th August 2015
from... Sophie
This case is a real mess, isn't it? Have similar crimes occurred since David has been in prison, maybe this is worth investigating. Use your time effectively in prison, I'm sure you'll be released soon.
24th February 2015
from... Richard Cooper
Reading your website. Reminded me of Birmingham six and Guildford four. An another Horrifying justice from court of England. Regards Richard from Ireland.
11th February 2015
from... Caz
(For 14/02/15) Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart! You are my soulmate and my rock. Thank you for your unfailing support and unconditional love. I love and miss you more every second. So looking forward to the future when we will be together on Valentine's Day . . . and every day :) I love you, ((( Hugs ))) Caz xxxxxx
21st January 2015
from... Pete
Dave I proper miss you, you are like a brother to me and I pray the day will come that we can share a beer in France. I know I would not have got through my sentence without your help and guidance and I'm still using the things you taught me now. Thank you for everything, hopefully I will get to see you outside soon!!!
2nd December 2014
from... Robert Brownbill
I spent a while as David's neighbour in Wakefield. I know him quite well, he's a good man, I know as well as anyone what a case with no evidence can do to a person. Keep up the hope.
10th July 2014
from... Philip Roe
I am so glad to hear that Dave has had a positive opinion from a Barrister. It has been a long time coming, an upward struggle. Now is the time to keep positive and support Dave. Justice will win out in the end. Philip Roe
2nd May 2014
from... Paul Rowles
I am writing this letter to encourage David. I knew David in his early teens working for me as a saturday boy in my business. I knew the whole family and was shocked at the news. David was always polite, thoughtful and willing to be corrected if wrong with no malice or vengence in him. He could never had done this. Give him my regards. I AM PRAYING THAT JUSTICE WIll be done. PAUL
15th February 2014
from... Caz
Thank you for the beautiful words in my Valentine's cards-& for making our Valentine's eve visit so special. Not that we need Valentine's day to remind us how strong our love is. we are forever in each others hearts and minds. I love you xxxxxxx
14th February 2014
from... Philip Roe
I know David to be an honourable person. I have read the case reports and it appears to me that evidence against David is just speculation. Had David murdered Susan surely he would have been covered in her blood, not just a minute speck, as reported. If I can help with the investigation in any way please contact me. Best wished to David - Philip Roe
1st January 2014
from... Caz
Happy New Year sweetheart :) Hoping 2014 is a year of rapid progress towards your appeal, proving your innocence, and ultimately securing your release ! I love you. Always your SLG, Caz xxx
11th December 2013
from... Jonathan Covington
Keep striving and making in roads, as the case against you stinks to high heaven!Even I can see that, that's why they're trying to stall you, those investigating cops should be where you are! Congratulations for your forth coming wedding Dave.Since when have injustices become law!Jonathan Covington Bury ST Edmunds
19th August 2013
from... Jonathan Covington
The stalkers description which was reported by the victim was not taken seriously, blonde hair no side burns, a grey suit, was he infact a serving police man.A detective takes, a phial of a recent DNA swob home and no questions are raised.
28th June 2013
from... Steve Sinclair
It's brilliant news that you have got legal representation again at long last. All of our fingers are crossed that it won't be long before you're back home and free and completely vindicated.
21st June 2013
from... Carol
I'm over the moon to hear that you now have an appeal solicitor :)There'slight at the end of the tunnel at last !It's about time the justice system was shaken up-when you've proved your innocence hopefully people's eyes will be opened to the many devastating flaws and errors in the justice system.Never doubt that I will be there waiting when you walk out of those gates a free man.Its a privilege just to know you, and I am incredibly lucky and blessed that you want me in your life permanently!(You must be a glutton for punishment Lol !)You are the most loving, caring, devoted person I've ever met. You constantly put others needs before your own and help out whenever possible.I love you sweetheart :)Caz xxxxxxxx
8th May 2013
from... Philip Roe
I wishe to write a letter to Dave at HMP Wakefield to support him.I do not have his prison number. Cand someone help me with this.Best wishes.Philip RoeTel: 07758315022
8th May 2013
from... Philip Roe
I have known David for a number of years and wish to support his campaign to be cleared and fully exonoriated.I there anyone who are frieds of David who can give me some guidance regarding obtaining my trial documents.I have written to the CPS requesting all the trial documents and after 3 months was told that these could only be released to me via an Appeal Solicitor. Can anyone tell me if this is true?Philip RoeTel: 07758315022
6th May 2013
from... tom
I have met david and I don't think he has a bad bone in his we wish you all the best and see you soon.
21st April 2013
from... Susan Connolly
David, keep your chin up, and don.t let the b*****ds get you down. I've seen how corrupt the police can be. I find it absolutely amazing that a serving police officer investigating a murder case, can take home a biological sample, and then the person that the sample belongs to, is then matched to the scene of the crime, after samples before were inconclusive. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out what is going on. Keep fighting and you will be vindicated one day, hang on in there david. X
7th January 2013
from... Susan Connolly
David i know 13yrs is a long time, but the truth will prevail. You know in your heart that your innocent, just as i know in my heart. Keep fighting because there are a lot of people who believe in you. Take care x
19th October 2012
from... Carol
Speaking as Dave's partner, I too have never doubted his innocence-I believe in him implicitly and I am honored and privileged to be a part of his life. Without exception everyone I've come across who knows Dave speak of him with warmth, love and respect. He goes out of his way to help others whenever possible. He is truly one in a million-his honesty, sincerity and integrity are second to none.It's about time the 'justice system' admitted its atrocious and unforgivable error in keeping this innocent man incarcerated for nearly 13 years.Fergie-I too will be waiting at those gates, ready to begin our 'Happy Ever After'!Keep fighting ! ! I love and miss you more than words can say. Always thinking of you . . . .All my Love, Hugs and Kisses,Carol xxxxxxxx
20th September 2012
from... Philip Roe
I wish to support David Ferguson in his fight to establish his innocence. I know David, and have always foud him an honest, open and truthful person. I am fully conversant with Police macinations. Tell David to keep his chin up and to continue the fight. I know it has been long, but I am now convinced that David will soon see justice at last! Philip Roe
26th August 2012
from... Mat Bailey
Know Dave well and have no doubt of his innocence. Never will you be privleged to meet such a genuine man who has been in limbo due to our sham of a justice system. I will add more at later date but Dave no matter how long it takes I will be at those gates waiting. Keep the faith bud, M