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A message from Dave

David Ferguson has been in prison for a crime he didn't commit since November 2000. Here he speaks to you about his plight and his fight for justice.

For over a decade I have sat in prison for a murder that I did not commit. Unless you experience this torment first hand it is impossible to conceive. It is an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Do not believe what can be read in the press, prison is no holiday camp, especially when you don't belong here. It is an environment where those in power seize every opportunity to belittle, humiliate and abuse those who that they are supposed to be rehabilitating. It is an environment controlled by psychologists whose agenda is nothing less than to push prisoners to breaking point.

I have ended up in this situation becuase of a fallible justice system. At my trial key evidence was withheld by the prosecution. They gave misleading statistics and ignored evidence that pointed away from me. I do not believe that the original intention was to 'fit me up' at some point though it was decided that the so called evidence could be presented so as to make me appear guilty. By this point the prosecution became blinkered to the many discrepancies in the evidence being claimed against me.

In 2002, two years after my conviction I secured over 500 pages of previously undisclosed evidence. Over 300 pages of this was previously unseen FSS (Forensic Science Service) documentation. Amongst this disclosure is evidence demonstrating that the prosecutions acclaimed DNA match is not reliable. It is in respect of this evidence that Professor Sir Alec Jeffries agreed that it would be wise to have the original DNA swabs retested to establish the validity of the prosecutions forensic claims. My legal team and I are now actively seeking the necessary access to the DNA evidence to perform retesting. The police and the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) have yet to grant this access.

For over a decade I have held firm that eventually I will be proven innocent. Sadly though, for this to occur Susan Kent's family will be made victims again by a justice system that doesn't care about truth, just as long as a conviction is gained. Susan Kent's killer is still out there and walking free amongst you.

Finally, I wish to thank Bob (Woffinden) and Steve (Sinclair) for their hard work and support, Carol, my beautiful partner for her belief in me and all my family and friends who have stood by me without question; you know who you are. Lastly organisations such as MOJUK, SAFARI, FACT etc., your work and support for those of us who are wrongly convicted is never given the credit it deserves. Unlike victims of crime groups you are ignored and sometimes pariahed. It is hard work by the likes of yourselves that has on so many occasions shown just how badly the British justice system can get it wrong.