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Blog entry 20th December 2016

So the last 2 months of 2016 have been somewhat frustrating.

Kent police handed some of the forensics over. These were re-tested using a much more sensitive DNA testing system. The results of this are that even less bands of DNA were produced. I also have a new barrister after the sad and unexpected death of Mr Field. My new barrister has requested further forensic tests be completed.

Frustratingly, my new barrister has so far failed to grasp the importance of my alibi proof (evidence), that Kent police continue to withhold and hide. As the Crown's case was specific that Susan Kent was attacked by 10:45 hours (else she'd have left for her part-time job) and had been killed by 13:00 hours, evidence that proves my whereabouts to be elsewhere during this time period cannot be ignored. We now know that Kent police had full knowledge that one independent witnesses statement confirmed that I could not have left my house until almost 11:00am exactly and, at the estimated time of Ms Kent's death given by the coroner, a second set of witnesses and a piece of evidence with a computer generated timestamp place me at a chemists. Crucially, at trial, the Crown in collusion with Kent police stated on oath that no evidence existed to place me at the chemists.

Now for 2017 my main drive will be to have Kent police and CPS disclose the statements and physical evidence that proves I was at a chemists, as I always stated I was, at the time the coroner's report gives for Susan Kent's time of death

I hope that you all have a good festive season and that 2017 is a good year for all.

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