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Blog entry 17th September 2015

Well, the blogs are coming thick and fast this month!

The second part of the forensic report has been completed. However, earlier this month new evidence came to light. Whilst I am currently unable to disclose details in any exact nature, once verified by my legal team, it will probably mean that the forensic report requires fully reviewing to account for it. What I can state is that the new evidence was withheld by the police and prosecution and destroys without question their case against me.

For those who have swallowed the vitriol spewed by the press against me, especially since I recently got married, ask yourselves this.

  1. Why did the prosecution fail to disclose over 400 pages of forensic documents until they were forced to two years after my trial?
  2. Why did the prosecution hide the fact that their acclaimed '1 in a billion' DNA profile against me was incomplete, with any of the missing readings being able to fully exonerate me?
  3. Why did the prosecution fail to test key forensic evidence that could not be linked to me, but was directly linked to the murder scene?
  4. Why was the evidence referred to in point 3 hidden by the prosecution until two years after my trial?
  5. Why have the prosecution hidden evidence that they hold that proves my alibi?

Now ask yourself if all of the aforementioned is fair and in line with the principles and laws of British Justice.

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