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Blog entry 25th March 2015

At the time of writing this there have been no new developments since the positive visit with my legal team at the start of March (see previous blog). Therefore I will use this months blog to discuss an issue of discrimination that is close to my heart and which the prosecution used against me at trial as a smoke screen to hide their lack of physical evidence against me.

I am a S and M Fetishist and have been since my late teens. I have never hidden my sexuality and nor should I have to. However, for most in the Fet (fetish) lifestyle they will have to keep this part of who they are hidden for fear of social judgement and ostracism by those professing to hold the moral highground.

In recent decades and years successive governments have introduced legal acts and pursued prosecutions to suppress consensuel fetish acts between consenting adults. Newspapers and the media actively pursue campaigns of ridicule and moral outrage against fetish practitioners and clubs/groups. The last time Britain allowed despicable harassment of people for their sexual proclivity was in the 1900's when gays and lesbians were demonised by so-called people of 'acceptable society'.

Back in those dark, thankfully long-gone days gays and lesbians had to hide their inherent sexuality for fear of verbal or physical attack, loss of their careers or social position. Today 'enlightened' society does not hold with being gay or lesbian as a debarment to maintaining an ordinary everyday life. Laws specifically protect against any form of sexual discrimination in this field. Fets are not afforded any such protection. Instead governmental policy and the media openly encourage society to view fetishism with disdain, mis-trust and contempt.

In the past year or so the '50 Shades of Grey' phenomenon had made fetishism more acceptable. Yet in general it is still treated with ridicule and suspicion. Why is it acceptable to treat someone who is a Fet in this way when it would not be tolerated if they were gay or lesbian. Being a Fet is part of someone's genetic structure, it is not a choice. In a modern 'tolerant' society a Fet should not have to hide who they are.

After all there are very few people who do not have some form of fetish. If you are stimulated mentally and or sexually by a particular object, form, theme, type of person or sexual act you are a fetishist. Your trigger for arousal may be different to the next persons', but you still have a fetish and consequently are part of a huge 'Fet' community. Is it right that you should be judged for your fetish trigger. No it is not.

It is time that those of us in the Fet community speak out and write against the intolerance that is openly encouraged against us by the government and free press. It is time that our sexuality is afforded the same legal rights, tolerance and protection given to others, be they gay, lesbian or heterosexual

# Freedom to be 'Fet!'

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