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Blog entry 20th June 2013

At long last some positive case news! On Jane Hickman's (Hickman and Rose Solicitors) recommendation I wrote to David Wells of Wells Burcombe Solicitors. I had a letter from Mr. Wells on June 10th stating he wishes to look at my case. I've signed all the necessary consent and legal aid forms and now just have to wait for my former solicitors to send Mr. Wells my case files. Once he has made himself conversant with my papers we can then plan a strategy to move my case to the Court of Appeal

Carol and I are busy making plans for our wedding. Chief of which is sorting out the costs. Once we've paid the fees it has to happen within 21 days. Being in prison we are limited as to how far we can go with plans. We are limited to just 5 guests, including the two witnesses. Even so I want Carol to have a nice dress for the day and our wedding rings to be special. The prison doesn't even allow it's chapel to be used for the occasion! So much for the prison services claims of fostering positive family relationships.

Unfortunately I am ending on a sad note. Last night a long-term friend of mine in the prison system lost his life to natural causes. He had stoicly maintained his innocence for the best part of 20 years. Refused progression and parole because he refused to admit guilt for a crime he did not commit he has finally found release from a cruel and uncaring system that treats the innocent far worse than the guilty. I just hope that he is at peace now.

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