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Blog entry 22nd May 2020

First of all, my application to appeal my conviction was posted to the High Court, Appeal Division on Tuesday 12th May.

My application is structured around the following points:-

  1. Misrepresentation of the crime DNA evidence.
  2. New up to date DNA test results.
  3. The prosecutions failure to disclose forensic documentation.
  4. Failure of 2 of the prosecution's 'expert' witnesses to provide full disclosure to the defence.
  5. Failure of the prosecutions forensic expert to provide truthful DNA evidence at trial.
  6. Failure of the prosecution to disclose evidence supporting the defendants alibi.
  7. The police and CPS' continued refusal to disclose evidence, beneficial to the defence, which was withheld at trial.

My application will most likely take longer than usual to process and review due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic lock-down.

It is my understanding that the parole board has instructed that a date must be set for my oral hearing between June and November. It is already 6 months late. However, I hope that when a date is set it is scheduled for a time when I can be physically present before the parole panel. When I answer their questions I feel it important that they can look into my eyes and see my face.

More so, I wish to face my dissenters such as the prison psychology department before the parole panel. There are very important and searching questions to be asked of their contributions to date and why they have obstructed my progression through the prison system. Again, I believe strongly that the truth will reveal itself if we are all sat in front of the parole board to answer their questions face to face.

Landing staff here at HMP Wakefield continue to do a first-rate job during the lock-down. As the restrictions continue prisoners become ever more frustrated with the damaging long term isolation. Verbal "well-being" checks are being made by staff with prisoners. However, it is widely documented that when struggling mentally most people will not admit so, particularly men. Landing staff are not trained to spot indicators of mental health deterioration and the early signs are being missed.

It is worrying that the governor's position is that until a vaccine is available and social-distancing is stood down external to the prison, association, family visits, gym access etc., will not be reinstated. Particularly as there is no guarantee of a vaccine being achieved at any point, let alone soon.