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Blog entry 30th November 2019

It is 20 years this year since I was wrongly convicted. Unsurprisingly it has given me cause for some reflection. Particularly about how little attention is given over to the failures of the criminal justice system that then facilitate the conviction of the innocent.

With an election looming the Conservatives are again exploiting the media to pander to the "hang 'em high" brigade about getting tougher on crime and the convicted. Nothing is being said about addressing the failings of the criminal justice system that enables the conviction of the innocent, and then the continued abuses of power and disadvantageous system that sets an almost impossibly high threshold for the wrongly convicted to get back in to the appeal court. To quote Daniel Defoe (1689-1731),

"I hear much of people's calling out to punish the guilty, but very few are concerned to clear the innocent."

As I highlighted in last months blog, I have had my pursual of appeal against my conviction and this web-site used against me by certain individuals who work for the criminal justice system, and who have made contributions to my up-coming parole hearing. It doesn't matter that new DNA testing has irrefutably proven that the police and prosecution lied and fabricated the key evidence against me at trial. These individuals conveniently ignore this inconvenient truth. Yet I'm sure that if the independent DNA testing had matched me to the crime scene sample they would have been shouting it from the highest roof tops.

So I will finish up this month with this,

"The truths we often need to hear most are often those we wish to hear least."

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