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Blog entry 14th June 2017

My blog for May/June is not what I originally intended it to be. It is also considerably late.

This is because the management here at HMP Wakefield are refusing to allow me to post it out as I am discussing another prisoners wrongful conviction. I have this prosoner's permission to write about his case and recent events relating to it and the law entitles me to write and publish articles about other prisoner's miscarriage of justice cases. Yet as often occurs the management at HMP Wakefield believe that the law, including 'Freedom of Speech' does not apply to them. Even the national prison rules, specifically Prison Service Instruction (PSI) 49/2011, Section 11.3: part J(iii) identifies that a prisoner may write and publish in the media details of another prisoner and their case when it forms 'part of serious comment about crime, the criminal justice system or the penal system'! In 2011 the ruling of Campbell and Ferguson vs The Governor of HMP Wakefield established that no prison staff member may depart in any material form from the specific requirements of the PSI. To do so would constitute an unlawful act. Yet the staff and management of Wakefield have still chosen to obstruct my lawful right in this aspect.

It has to be questioned why the staff and governor of HMP Wakefield feel confident and safe in denying prisoners their lawful rights. Also why they feel that they must obstruct the publication of articles that explore and discuss matters relating to the wrongful conviction of the prisoners.

Those of you who have kept up with my web-site since its beginning will know that I have had the support of Mr Phillip Roe. Phillip is a former prisoner (hostage) of HMP Wakefield who had maintained his innocence. I am very pleased to announce that Phillip has had his conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal. Whilst held at Wakefield for the full term of his sentence Phillip was relentlessly victimised due to the nature of the offence for which he'd been wrongly convicted.

Prisoners labelled him a paedophile and 'nonce'. Staff, particularly prison psychologists and management victimised him insisting that he was in denial. Yet like so many other wrongfully convicted prisoners at Wakefield Phillip was and is genuinely innocent, the victim of a malicious and false accusation of sexual assault of an underage boy.

None of this should have happened to Phillip. Yet it did because the police failed to investigate the accusation against him properly. His accuser made claims of 'fact' that had the police investigated properly would have revealed themselves as the vicious and malicious lies that they were.

Of course Phillip's accuser will go unpunished. None of the police who failed to investigate evidence that existed and that they knew about which proved the allegations to be false will be held to account for destroying Phillip's life. Nor will Phillip ever receive an apology from HMP Wakefield's management and psychologists who persecuted and victimised him with impunity.

Phillip, I wish you all the best for your future. Well done in staying stroing and resillient.

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