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Blog entry 1st August 2016

With another month passing and my solicitor having failed to make any progress in accessing the forensic evidence for re-testing, I have now written to the head of his firm (Mr David Wells) raising my concerns.

As part of this I have also raised issue that Mr Rose (my solicitor) has also failed to pursue the evidence of my alibi that Kent police/CPS continue to withhold. My solicitor's reticence to pursue the evidence that exonerates me is not unique to my case. I have seen it time and again in other prisoners cases over the past 16½ years. In two specific cases I ended up sourcing evidence that was either missed at trial or withheld by the prosecution. In the first the person walked free from court. In the second, the prisoner still sits here in Wakefield whilst his legal team have wasted the last year not doing their job, despite the new ballistic and gun shot residue report I secured for him not only exonerating him but, also pointing to the prosecution having willfully misled the jury at his trial.

Moving on. Over the month of July another case where a defendants fetish sexuality was plastered throughout the press. Charged with four counts of rape Luke McCarthy was labelled a 'Vampire Sadist'. Why? Because he admitted practising bondage and occasional blood exchanging as well as visiting S&M clubs.

During the course of his trial the prosecution made much of luke's fetish sexuality making false implications and misleading assertions about this form of sexuality. All clearly orchestrated to distract the jury to the fact that no evidence existed against him. Meanwhile our illustrious press revelled in printing details of Luke's sexuality and fetish lifestyle. All the while giving a clear implication that because he was an S&M fetishist there must be something wrong with him. Ergo:- GUILTY!. Not once did the press intone that there was no evidence pointing to him being a rapist.

Clearly the police and CPS's case had no evidence of Luke being a rapist as the jury cleared him of all four charges. The fact that Luke was cleared of all four charges proves no evidence existed and demonstrates why the police and CPS went out of their way to misrepresent Luke's sexuality, using the gullible press to further their despicable cause. In the meantime, despite being innocent Luke has had his private sex life plastered over the national press along with his photo.

Even once he'd been declared innocent the Sun ran the heading 'Vampire cleared of rapes' along with Luke's photo. Did this article examine why Luke was cleared of all four accusations of rape? No, yet again it did nothing but revel in the details of Luke's sexuality which the prosecution did their utmost to distort, There was no questions raised why the prosecution and police took such a discriminatory approach to Luke's sexuality instead of producing hard evidence. Nor was there an apology by the Sun for their salacious and biased approach to reporting his trial.

So yet again fetishism has been allowed to be misrepresented in court by the Crown Prosecution Service and treated as something dark and sinister by the press. When will this intolerance and discrimination of consential fetishism cease?

Finally, on the 24th of this month Carol and I will have been married a year. Happy anniversary my love xxx

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