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Blog entry 1st July 2016

Unsurprisingly another month has passed and still my solicitor and barrister have failed to make any progress with Kent police and CPS. This is why so many wrongly convicted people lose decades of their lives in prison for crimes that they haven't committed.

On a vaguely positive note this is my pre-tariff sift year. As I am still held as a category 'A' prisoner I would normally be automatically refused a hearing before the parole panel. However, I have my request for a full hearing to be considered by the parole panel. If granted I will present evidence that demonstrates that HMP Wakefield have artificially held me on cat A simply because I maintain my innocence - an act which is unlawful. I will then ask the parole panel to issue specific guidance and directions to the prison to rectify this issue.

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I have previously discussed the issue of discrimination against those of us in the fetish community. Proof of how the police in this country discriminate against fets has presented itself in North Yorkshire recently. A man in his 40's who admitted to visiting S&M clubs was unanimously cleared of a rape charge, pursued by North Yorkshire police and CPS. Having lost their case the police then pursued a Sexual Risk Order against the innocent individual and were successful!?! This order requires the exonerated man to give the police 24 hours notice prior to commencing a sexual relationship of any kind.

As the gentleman was exonerated by the jury, the Sexual Risk Order can only have been imposed on the grounds of his consensual S&M fetish lifestyle. This level of discrimination against a person for their sexual lifestyle hasn't been seen since the 50's and 60's when people were prosecuted for same sex relationships.

This type of hatred and manipulation by the police and CPS against the S&M and fetish community is not uncommon either. In trying to fabricate evidence against Colin Stagg for the murder of Rachel Nickel the Metropolitan police tried to fabricate evidence against Mr Stagg relating to his S&M interests. Kent police and CPS did the same to me to obscure the fact that none of the evidence placed me in the home of Susan Kent where she was murdered.

Finally, July 1st 2016 marks the centenary of the first day of the battle of the Somme. This period of history must not and shall not ever be forgotten. Before being wrongfully convicted my father and I would regularly visit the battlefields and British War Grave Commission cemetaries of northern France. Nothing is more humbling than to stand in one of those cemetaries amongst the gravestones of boys, men and women who gave so selflessly for their country and fellow men and women. I cannot visit the Somme and pay my respects. So this is my tribute.

"Secrets of Somme Soils"

Pollen laden skies,
Green velvet pastures,
Lyrical songs of birds on bough,
The ribbon of blue giving its name.

With the passing of time,
The fading of memories,
A poetic view endures,
Burying darker pasts in soil.

Scarlet blooms amongst the green,
Ranks of white centurion stones,
Harvests of reddened rusting iron,
The hollows and clips of human design.

These fields will never forgot,
Thier yield will always remind us,
We shall evermore honour,
The fallen of the Somme.

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