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Blog entry 3rd September 2015

Unfortunately I am having to write another blog about my recent wedding. Numerous national press groups have printed a series of inciteful lies about what actually happened.

So here are the facts: firstly my wife and I paid for everything. Not only that, we paid additional fees because the ceremony was held in prison. Nothing was paid for from the public purse.

Secondly, the ceremony was conducted by a registrar and not a chaplain. This was witnessed by four guests who are friends. Neither of our family attended. Not because they didn't want to, but because of the distance to travel to Wakefield and other commitments.

Thirdly, there was no buffet, no non-alcoholic 'fizz' and my wife didn't have flowers. The closest we got to anything near that was over-priced refreshments bought by us on the afternoon visit.

Yet again the national media have knowingly misled their readership. Sadly those who believe everything that they read in the papers and on-line have taken to social media to profess outrage at things that never happened. Worse still these trolls have verbally attacked my wife based on media lies. These faceless individuals display a worrying lack of free-thought and objectivity for which there is no excuse. After all it is common knowledge that the British media have a proven track record in an utter lack of responsibility when it comes to truthful and factual reporting.

Of course the same free-press have dragged up all the details of my original conviction. Not one of them has had the objectivity to mention that I maintain my innocence and continue to fight to clear my name. Why ruin a good fairy-tale. Not one of them has mentioned that I was convicted on a seriously degraded dna sample that failed to give a complete profile reading. Information that the prosecution withheld at trial. Nor did they mention that the prosecution continue to withhold forensic evidence that should have been disclosed at trial. At best the media stole photos from my web-site and claimed them as their own.

Regardless, the point of issue is this, an uncontrolled media have used lies, deceit and unobjective reporting to incite an albeit gullible readership. These individuals have demonstrated their own failings by believing the media without thought or question. We'll see you on Jeremy Kyle soon no doubt. It is actions by the media like this and the lack of free-thought demonstrated by those who took to social media that enables miscarriages of justice such as my case.

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