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Blog entry 6th August 2015

Last month I didn't manage to get a 'blog' written. Most of my time was taken up with battling against the prison to have the arrangements for Carol's and my wedding put in place.

To say that the prison's management team were as obstructional as they possibly could be is an understatement. This has now resulted in our wedding date having to be delayed a week. However, everything is now in place and Carol and I will be wed on Monday 24th August!

Appeal wise there still hasn't been any developments with the second part of the forensic scientists report. I am hoping that my legal representation will chase this up this month.

It was encouraging to hear the Justice Minister Michael Gove state that education should be at the forefront of prisoner rehabilitation. Sadly though, at jails such as Wakefield this will never be the case. This prison is only interested in supporting 'entry level' education courses that have no value in the employment market. Those of us who try to study at degree and A-level standard receive no support and are openly obstructed by the prison's 'reducing re-offending' department.

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