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Blog entry 5th March 2015

On Wednesday 4th March my solicitor and forensic expert visited me to discuss what direction the forensic review must take.

At the meetings conclusion the forensic expert said that she felt that our meeting had been very helpful and productive. My solicitor also seemed very encouraged by what was discussed. A great deal of the discussion centred on the forensic documents the prosecution withheld until 2 years after my conviction. From these the forensic expert expressed doubt as to the prosecutions dna match estimation against me. Of course she still has to do a lot of confirmation work, but this was a very positive thing to hear from her.

The forensic expert and I discussed a number of other related areas that are all supportive of my case. This included cross-contamination of samples at the prosecution's forensic lab, evidence of cognitive bias in the prosecution's forensic experts interpretation of the dna results, the prosecutions continued withholding of forensic evidence and documentation and the necessity for re-testing the crime-scene samples DAR/6 & 8.

Both my solicitor and forensic expert will now be submitting applications to the CPS for access to the full forensic archive and CPS documents. This will include access to exhibits such as the dna swabs DAR/6 & 8 for full re-testing.

Whilst these is still a lot of work to do this meeting could not have been more productive or positive.

On a separate note my prior co-claimant and I are yet again having to take HMP Wakefield to judicial review for its obstruction to our Open University studies. Despite winning our 2011 judicial review on this issue the prison has done everything it can to prevent our educational pursuits. An application for a full judicial review hearing and compensation was submitted and registered at the High Court of Justice, Manchester on February 27th 2015.

Finally, thank you to all of you who have left messages of support either on this website or Fet. It means the world to me and my fiancee.

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