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Blog entry 18th February 2015

It is hoped that my solicitor and a representative from the chosen forensic lab will be visiting me early in March.

This month the UK Forensic Science Regulator has sent me a draft copy of a practice regulation document. I now have every reason to believe that this document will prove that the prosecutions trial forensic examiner's (Dr Chapman) evidence was inadmissible due to the effects of cognitive bias. This will be a key area of discussion at the forth coming legal visit.

For the rest of this blog, I wish to discuss the Channel 5 programme 'Killer Psychopaths', fronted by David Wilson and which aired on February 17th 2015. This episode the fame hungry Wilson dealt with the rapes and murders for which John Duffy and David Mulcahy were convicted. Whilst I do not doubt Duffy's guilt I have every reason to believe David is a victim of a serious miscarriage of justice

As always Wilson's presentation of the evidential facts in the case were selective and single minded. Wilson omitted the wealth of evidence and facts which prove David's innocence. These include:-

  • An independent witness who identified Duffy and a taller man leaving the Alison Day murder scene. He described the taller man as being black.
  • Two au-pairs who were sexually assaulted by Duffy and his accomplice described Duffy's accomplice as being black skinned.
  • A pubic hair was found in one of the au-pairs underwear during evidence retrieval. Forensic testing described the pubic hair as being of "Negroid descent". Both au-pairs were of Nordic birth and descent.
  • The acclaimed DNA match to David is inaccurate. Not all of the allele bands match. Further to this the storage of the items from which the DNA was secured left them open to cross-contamination.
  • The supposed fingerprint match to David was only achieved the night before his trial began. The item in question had been tested several times before without producing a match to David.
  • The police auctioned, lost or destroyed over 90 items of evidence that would have helped prove David's innocence just prior to his trial.
  • When first questioned David had alibis for all of the attack times or dates given by Duffy against him. Police put this to Duffy, then allowed him to change the times of crimes to periods when by that stage they knew David didn't have an alibi. Duffy was allowed to blame his feigned amnesia for his 'error'.

So why did Duffy frame David Mulcahy as his accomplice? Duffy was facing natural life in prison. What Wilson failed to reveal in his expose is that Duffy was told he would be paroled after 40 years and repatriated to Ireland if he gave a name of an accomplice. He also received 'gifts' and a large sum of money. Proof of this is all contained in Duffy's HMP Whitemoor psychology file, which was disclosed to David's legal team in 2002/2003. The process for Duffy's release back in to the community began in 2014 with his removal from category A status.

Perhaps David Wilson should explain why he omitted these facts from his programme?

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