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Blog entry 24th January 2015

Well, it's another year started at HMP Fawlty Towers. Actually this place may run better if Basil Fawlty was in charge!

Anyhow, the year has started off with some good news. the Legal Aid Authority have granted the funding for the review of the prosecutions forensic case, as advised by my barrister. My solicitor is now making arrangements with our instructed forensic expert to come and visit me. The purpose of this is to discuss and finalise exactly what needs to be covered in the review.

How quick all this takes all depends on how obstructive the police and prosecution are. Those of you familiar with my case will know that the police and CPS continue to withhold key areas of evidence that are fundamental to proving my innocence. Earlier requests to Kent CPS for disclosure were refused outright. They didn't even deny withholding the requested evidence. Instead they stated in writing that the request would only be considered should I be granted leave to appeal.

If we are able to secure access to the non-disclosed materials without too much obstruction from the police and CPS there is a possibility that we could enter an application to have my case heard by the Court of Appeal before the year is out.

Hopefully I'll have more news by the end of February.

Thank you to Rob and Pete for your recent messages of support. It's good to know that you are both well.

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