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Blog entry 10th December 2014

Well, at the time of writing it is nearing December 19th, which marks 15 years of being in prison for a murder that I did not commit.

Over the past year there have been some small chinks of light that give my fiancee Carol and I hope. Back in May my instructed barrister Stephen Field gave a positive preliminary advice on appeal. Since then it has been a struggle to find a trustworthy forensic scientist and laboratory to perform the forensic evidence case review. However, finally, my solicitor was able to confirm that Clare Jarman of Forensic Access has agreed to perform the review.

Legal funding has now been applied for to fund the review. As usual this is a slow process and nor is it guaranteed. More so than ever now under the swathing legal-aid cuts enforced by the vote grabbing Chris Grayling. Britain is truly now a country where average Joe has their right to justice controlled by the government's desire to look after the rich and degrade the lower classes. Still, you wouldn't expect anything less from a Conservative government. And 'no' Labour aren't much better either in my opinion. After all, the former Labour government created more laws for which the British public could be criminalised than any other government in British history.

But I digress. Justice willing funding for the forensic review will be granted. This being so Ms Jarman and my legal representation will visit me to finalise exactly all that must be covered in the review. I would now expect that to be some time in January/February 2015.

With that I'll round up for 2014. May I wish all of you who support me or visit this website a warm and peaceful festive season. Treasure the freedom to enjoy having family, friends and colleagues around you. It is impossible to know how valuable that is until through no fault of your own you are forcibly denied such a simple pleasure.

May 2015 be good to us all.

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