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Blog entry 18th October 2014

Yet again a month has passed and my solicitor has not answered my letters or pursued the Crown for disclosure of the vital forensic evidence that they continue to withhold. I have now written to Mr Rose and made it very clear that his inaction and refusal to respond to my letters is unacceptable.

"The Home Office has recently admitted that potentially misleading DNA evidence has been presented to juries" (Inside Time: October 2014 issue). This is because forensic scientists in the employ of the police and Crown Prosecution Service gave "personal views" and "inaccurate evaluations or misleading descriptions of complex DNA mixtures, all biased in favour of the prosecutions [Crown's] case."

This is immensely relevant to my own case. The key forensic samples relied upon by the Crown to gain my wrongful conviction:-

  1. Were mixed profiles of at least two contributors - thus complex.
  2. Produced allele readings that matched both the deceased and myself.
  3. Had numerous missing allele readings.
  4. Contained an 'Alien' [unattributable] allele band.
  5. Only gave female chromosonal readings which the prosecutions forensic technician described as "spermal" in his 'opinion'.

Additionally, the prosecution's forensic technician evidence statement made it clear that it was his 'opinion' that I matched the DAR/6 & 8 crime scene samples at a 1 in an a billion match estimation. The Home Office now admit that on the advice of Professor Peter Gill "Evidence given by a scientist is not the same as scientific evidence." The importance and relevance of this Home Office admission to my case is there for all to see.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support my fight for justice, especially my fiance Carol, Steve and Linda and Bob.

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