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Blog entry 5th June 2014

Yesterday (4/6/14) my fiancee received a text from my solicitor giving the good news that Mr Field, our instructed barrister had given a positive advice on my appeal

Specifically Mr Field has directed that a full re-examination of the prosecution's forensic evidence is required. My solicitors had approached Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, the scientist who developed genetic fingerprinting and who gave me advice on my case several years ago. Unfortunately, he has now retired. My solicitors now intend instructing a forensic laboratory in London. None of this would have been possible without the amazing work my appeal campaign manager, Steve Sinclair, has done on the forensics.

Of course there is still a long journey to finally getting justice. The forensic lab will have a lot of work to do. Mr Field will then have to review their findings and all being well prepare submission papers for the appeal court. It will then be down to the appeal courts to set a date to review those submissions and decide whether there is sufficient grounds for a full appeal hearing. This could all take 24 months at least.

If so, I will have served nearly 17 years of a life sentence for a murder that I did not commit. In that time I've lost my home, both of my wonderful parents, had a wedge driven between my sister and I, suffered on-going depression due to the abusive treatment of prison authorities, lost my career, had friends drift away due to the distance I have been held from home and lost all that I once held dear. However, I have met prisoners in the same position as myself whom I will remain friends with for the rest of my life. I have woken up and realised how corrupt the police, CPS, and prison system is. Best of all though I have met my fiancee Carol, proving that even in the darkest moments of life light can be found.

Hopefully there'll be more good news to report over the coming months.

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