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Blog entry 15th May 2014

Well, another month has nearly passed and still I am waiting for the 'advice on appeal' from my legal team. I wrote to the solicitors on the 28th March making enquiries, but as of yet have had no response from them.

On the 28th March Victor Nealon's appeal judgement was published. Nearly three months late. Despite the police, FSS, CPS and CCRC's failings and obvious attempts to keep Victor convicted of a crime that he had no responsibility for the judgement makes no criticism of their misconduct and corruption whatsoever. Yet again the establishment has closed ranks to protect its own.

I wish to thank Paul Rowles for his supportive comments. I very much enjoyed working for Paul as a teenager. Over the past few years many of those who I thought of as friends from my life pre-prison have become ever more silent. When I was held closer to home they would visit and write regularly. Since being moved to Wakefield in 2007 none visit and only one or two write. I wonder how they would feel if our positions were reversed? This existence is isolating enough as it is. When supposed friends can't even be bothered to write let alone visit once in a while it serves to only compound that isolation even more. Messages such as Paul's mean so much and give me strength and hope.

Carol's and my preparations for our wedding move forwards one step at a time. Carol now has her wedding dress and once the rings are ordered we'll set about getting everything booked. We still hope to have a mid to late summer ceremony.

Day to day life at Stalag Wakefield continues to prove to be as futile as ever. My fellow former Open University students and I are still being refused access to the prison's education facilities to complete our assessment work. Prisoners who maintain innocence are discriminated against for de-categorization and progression through the system. Vast sums of public funds are wasted through mis-management. Day to day national prison rules, supposedly enforceable by law are ridden over roughshod.

So why is this allowed to continue? Firstly the public do not get to see first hand how life in prison actually is. I can assure you it's not the holiday camp portrayed in the general media and by the vote grabbing despot called Grayling. Secondly, the organisation entrusted with investigating wrong-doing in the prison system is nothing more than a weak-willed puppet of the system. With almost half of the Prison and Probation Ombudman's employees being former employees associated to departments of the Ministry of Justice it is no wonder that

  1. very few prisoners have any confidence in the PPO.
  2. the prison system is able to abuse its own rules and regulations without fear of being called to account.
  3. the prison system is spiralling towards collapse.

That's all for this month.

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