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Blog entry 18th April 2014

This month Omar Benguit's appeal against conviction was rejected by both the appeal and Supreme Courts in London. This is nothing but a stain on so called British justice. The only evidence that could place Omar at the crime scene was the testimony of a woman who completely changed her evidence whilst being interviewed on the Jeremy Kyle Show! The very fact that she sought to extend her five minutes in the media spotlight by appearing on the Jeremy Kyle Show gives good measure of her character and reliability.

Yet still her evidence has been ratified by appeal and Supreme Court judges as reliable?! Further to this evidence at the murder scene indicates heavily that a man already convicted of identical crimes and who lived just a few streets away at the time is the true killer. Still Omar's appeal has been rejected. It is cases like this that reveal the truth of so-called British justice and the impossibly high threshold required for a miscarriage of justice case to be amended.

In regards to my own case I am waiting for the barrister (Mr Stephen Field) to finish reading my case files and arguments for appeal. As soon as Mr Field's advice is given I will let everyone know.

HMP Wakefield has now stopped myself and five other prisoners from continuing our Open University studies by moving the goal posts for risk assessments. This is the truth behind Chris Grayling's fictitious claims of 'encouraging' prisoners to be involved in purposeful activity such as education. More and more prisoners are being locked in their cells throughout the day due to swaything budget cuts.

Prisons are becoming increasingly more dangerous unstable environments. There are far too many prison managers and not enough landings staff. Vital facilities and activities are being suspended everyday. Here at Wakefield management level officers are routinely being brought in on a daily basis to do lower pay-grade work, but on massive overtime rates, because of staff shortages. So much for Grayling's claims that his restructuring of the prison system will give the tax payer better value for money.

On a final note, Carol and I have been together for 5 years on April 27th. My life would be empty without her and I cannot wait for us to be married later this year. Happy Anniversary Kitten xxx

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