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Blog entry 19th March 2014

As far as I know my solicitors have sent all my case papers to the barrister Stephen Field, so that he may prepare the advice on appeal. We now wait to hear from Mr Field!

Today (19 March 2014), it has been widely reported that the new investigation team on the missing person case of Claudia Lawrence have new leads. The chief of which is 'male' dna extracted from cigarette butts found in Claudia's car, five years after her disappearance. Those of you who are familiar with my case will know that cigarette butts were found on Susan Kent's driveway by her car and in the bedroom where her body was discovered. At trial the prosecution claimed that the cigarette butts found at the crime scene failed to produce any dna readings. Considering the achievements in the Claudia Lawrence investigation I feel strongly that the cigarette butts in my case should now be independently re-tested. After all, I have never smoked and as far as is known, neither did Susan Kent.

Last month I sent two Freedom of Information (FOI) requests out. One to Kent Police and one to Kent CPS. The question I asked was:

'Between 1998 to 2002, did Kent Police or CPS make any ex-gratia [bonus] payments to forensic labs or technicians who supplied evidence to you, leading to a successful conviction at court?'

So far only Kent Police have responded, stating:

"As far as can be reasonably ascertained Kent Police holds no information in relation to your request."

Those with an astute eye will see this for the evasive response that it is. If Kent Police had not made any ex-gratia payments of this dubious nature they would undoubtedly wish to refute the possibility in the strongest possible terms. Instead they neither refute of admit the possibility. As of yet, Kent CPS have failed to acknowledge or respond to the FOI request.

On a happier note Carol and I have begun to make preparations for our wedding. I asked Carol if she would marry me last year. We have only been delayed due to obstructions created by my sister. Thanks to my cousin Gill and her husband Stuart these have now been been surpassed and we hope to have our big day by the end of summer at the latest.

More news next time!

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