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Blog entry 10th October 2013

Since mid-June I have been trying to get my old solicitor to send my case files onto my new solicitor. After Ison Bundeys contrived to ignore my letters I lodged another complaint against them with the Legal Ombudsman.

Ison Bundeys were ordered to send my case files to Wells Burcombe by the Legal Ombudsman no later than Friday 27th September. They have since told my fiance Carol that my case files were sent on October 1st. I am now waiting for Wells Burcombe to confirm having received them.

Trying to defend their (lack of) actions Ison Bundeys claimed to the Legal Ombudsman that they hadn't received one of my letters and that the other was in pieces so that so they couldn't make out what I wanted them to do. Obviously the letter couldn't be too badly disintegrated as they were able to work out that it was from me. This also begs the question why they didn't write back to me and request that I clarify the contents of the acclaimed unreadable letter. It should also be remembered that when I last complained to the Legal Ombudsman about Ison Bundeys they claimed then that they hadn't received my letters, which I subsequently disproved. Clearly Ison Bundeys is a firm of no moral integrity.

Hopefully my papers will arrive at Wells Burcombe safely and my appointed solicitor Mr Gavin Rose will be able to begin work on getting my case to appeal.

On a separate note, I had my 14th birthday as a wrongly convicted and innocent birthday last month. Normally I don't dwell much on birthdays in here. This years was special though as Carol was able to visit in the afternoon. Thank you to all of you who sent me birthday cards as well.

With any luck Mr Rose will have visited by the time I write my next blog and I'll have some idea of what direction and plans there are for the appeal.

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