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Blog entry 27th July 2013

Well, since my last blog things have been slow on the legal front. Mr. Wells, my new appeal solicitor is waiting for legal aid to be granted so that he can proceed. However, Steve (my website builder and campaign manager), has been busy setting out the specific areas of my case that Mr. Wells will need to approach first.

On July 25th I had a video-link with my home probation officer. It was made very clear to me that unless I "admit guilt" for a murder that I did not commit it would be most unlikely that I would ever be considered or recommended for parole. For people in my position this is a common occurrence. Not only are we imprisoned for crimes that we haven't committed we are then told that the system is willing to release the truly guilty, but also quite happy to deprive the innocent of the rest of their lives, effectively a death sentence.

Take the case of Douglas Blastland. The best part of two decades ago the appeal court acknowledged that his conviction was unsafe based upon evidence presented to it. However, the evidence was hearsay and not admissible at the time. Therefore Dougy's appeal was dismissed and he was sent back to rot in jail for a murder he did not commit. He is now several years past his tariff and continually refused parole or re-categorization because he maintains his innocence. The worst part is that Dougy cannot take his case back to the appeal court even though hearsay evidence is admissible. Because the evidence that clears his name has been heard once by an appeal court it is no longer considered to be new. Therefore the appeal court will not hear it again. This is the so called shining beacon that is the British Justice System.

So there you have it unless people like Dougy, Dave Mulcahy, Michael Stone and myself take responsibility for someone else's murders we are destined to die in prison serving unofficial death sentences.

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