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Blog entry 6th May 2013

In this blog I'm going to raise the issue of legal-aid funding.

I've been receiving replies from solicitors firms whom I have written to asking if they would represent my appeal. Due to the new restrictions placed on legal aid funding all now want private payment only to take on my case. I have recently been quoted £2100 just for 10 hours work to look at my trial case papers. For those of us who are innocent and wrongly jailed we are placed in an almost impossible position of being denied the right to legal representation due to cost.

This has left me feeling very despondent, even more so after Chris Grayling's cowardly attempts to win votes by playing the "bully the prisoner" card in a rash of media headlines. It's bad enough being in prison for a crime that you haven't committed. To then be used by a manipulative politician to try and bolster votes for his clueless party leaves a vile taste in the mouth.

On a brighter note, Carol and I had our 4 year anniversary on April 27th. My friend Mat brought her in to visit the following day. It tears me apart when she has to leave though.

Recently Carol has made new contacts who are exploring ways to draw attention to my case. This may lead to my case being championed by a major trust. In addition Carol has been using chat rooms to get the word out about my wrongful conviction and this website. Responses have started to come in and have been positive. So, if you are a new visitor and have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and ask whatever you wish. I only ask that you include a stamped addressed envelope so that I can reply to you.

If you have been bothered by my conviction and wish to show support please leave a message on the 'guest book' page. You can also write or email your M.P. Voice your concerns to them and ask them to visit this website. There is no greater force than a united voice.

Thank you.

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