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Blog entry 20th October 2012

Another one and a half years down the drain, and all because my former solicitors Rajan Mawji and Riffat Hussain couldn't be bothered to do the job for which they were being paid. A full investigation is now being carried out against them by the legal ombudsman. Harrison Bundey have also ousted them from their employment, but none of this will get me back the extra one and a half years of getting my appeal into court that they've cost me. Also, of course, I now need to instruct a new solicitor who will then need to get up to speed with my case costing yet more lost time.

I have written to Guy White at Petherbridge Bassra, Bradford - twice, but haven't received the courtesy of a response. Meanwhile Bal Sidhu of Lewis Sidhu's, Ealing, London has contacted me expressing an interest in my appeal. I have written back to him with several questions. Should these be answered satisfactorily I will then instruct Mr Sidhu to proceed with my case. Hopefully I will have news on this in time for my next blog.

Meanwhile life at Wakefield continues to degenerate. A continued strain is put on my partner Carol and my relationship by the prison continuing to refuse to clear her to visit me; the claim being that Thames Valley Police did not send the prison her identity verification report. This is being investigated after I lodged a formal complaint to Thames Valley Police but of course it is seen as a 'low priority' issue ignoring the immense stress and duress that the situation is placing Carol and I under.

So much therefore for the prison systems claims of promoting prisoners contact with family and friends. Like many wrongly convicted prisoners I am held hundreds of miles from my home so as to prevent me from receiving visits from friends and blood relatives. My partner and friends who do live near enough to visit are refused visiting clearance even though they've complied fully with the system put in place by the authorities. Isolation from those that we love and care for is yet another weapon the prison system uses to torture the many wrongly convicted prisoners held within its clutches.

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