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Blog entry 29th August 2012

I am writing an extra blog this month as my web-host, Steve (Sinclair), has uncovered additional evidence which the police clearly failed to investigate properly.

Prior to being killed Susan Kent had been shopping at Hempstead Valley shopping centre. This was confirmed by the centre's internal close circuit tv. Information has now come to light that both prior to and after the date of Susan's murder the police received a number of reports relating to attempted abductions of women from shopping centres in the Kent locale. Included in these reports is the description of a man with a briefcase being involved. On at least one occasion the contents of the briefcase was described as including a knife and handcuffs. Police only made cursory investigations into these reports, eventually dismissing them as an urban myth at the time when they decided to concentrate their efforts on me.

However, an Andrew Fraser Campbell reported seeing Susan leaving the shopping centre that morning with a man in her car. Mr Campbell is classed as having learning difficulties and was later persuaded to withdraw his statement by his father and under advisement by the police.

What was not so easily dismissed is the statement of Tracey King who reported to the police that she had been 'stalked' whilst shopping at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre in the previous September. As well as providing police with a description of the man involved she stated that he'd tried to follow her in a small red car when she left the shopping centre in her own vehicle. During my trial one of Susan's neighbours confirmed that he'd seen a small red car parked behind Susan's car on the morning of her murder.

A prisoner at HMP Elmley informed police shortly after Susan's murder that they should be looking for a Steven Grieve or Greaves who would hold people up at shopping centres using a knife. The individual was never traced by the police. I find this incredulous. I know a Steve Greaves who lived just a few miles from where Susan was killed. I must emphasise that I am not saying the Steve Greaves I knew is the murderer. However, what this shows is that the police did not properly investigate viable leads once they decided to pursue a case against myself.

During my trial the prosecution manipulated and twisted the facts relating to my sex life. Chiefly I believe this was to deflect from the sheer lack of evidence placing me at the crime scene, other than the now questionable DNA match. What was suppressed by the police and prosecution are the numerous reports the police received about Susan's own sexual proclivities and partners at the time. These reports came from friends, social acquaintances and from parents of children at the school she worked at as a dinner lady. Many of these reports refer to Susan's use of handcuffs in the bedroom.

In no way should this be seen as a reflection of Susan as a person. The issue here is that the prosecution were given free-reign to poison the jury's position against me by exaggerating the facts relating to my sex life, yet these independently reported facts relating to Susan's private life were largely glossed over or surpressed. Considering that when her body was found she was handcuffed these suppressed factors may have had significant relevance to the jury and provided a cause of 'reasonable doubt'.

What is apparent in respect of all these factors is that once the police viewed me as a person of interest they abandoned all of these significant and viable lines of enquiry. Not only does this breach criminal investigation rules and laws, it demonstrates that the police and prosecution were determined to pursue a conviction against me at all costs, regardless if evidence said otherwise.

Anyone with information relating to these points or with additional and relevant evidence should either contact my legal team, myself or leave their details on the site's message board. Thank-you.

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