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Blog entry 6th July 2012

Due to a lack of progressive action and a failure to answer my letters I issued a formal complaint to my appeal solicitors in June. This is now being investigated by their complaints manager.

The complaint did produce some immediate positive results though. Through my webhost, Riffat, my solicitor informed me that the prosecution had informed her that all of the key forensic samples relied on by them had been destroyed by the testing process in 1999. Obviously this now means that we cannot have the original crime scene swabs retested so that we can show the results claimed by the prosecution are not sustainable. In that respect it is very 'convenient' for the prosecution.

All is not lost though. In fact far from it. The destruction of the crime scene forensic swabs by the prosecution infers specific connotations and events. These, in themselves, could and most likely are vital to proving my case and innocence. At this juncture I cannot go into specific detail for fear of enabling the police and prosecution to circumvent disclosure of necessary further evidence.

As a result of the prosecutions admission, Riffat, my solicitor , visited me on June 26th and took fresh instructions to seek disclosure of a wealth of forensic documents that the prosecution have clearly failed to declare at my trial and have continued to hide despite a comprehensive Data Protection Act disclosure request served on them in 2002. Considering the prosecutions attempts to date to withhold evidence that will and shall prove my innocence irrefutably I expect them to be nothing but obstructive in dealing with our disclosure requests.

Meanwhile life at chez Wakefield continues as normal. Any member of the public who believes prisoners have it easy should live a month of my life. Yes, prisoners have game consoles, televisions and DVD players, but only the ones who work and save their own money for them. Yes we get 3 meals a deal, but mostly they are inedible and have little or no nutritional content. Yes we access to a gym, but for those who use it, it is a life line. It is a place where they expel the significant frustrations created by a collapsing penal system that has no true interest in rehabilitation or justice. It is said that the humanity and development of a country can be judged by how that country treats its prisoners. If British prisons were run the way the general publics reported views wished, we would rank lower than most third world countries. As it is, in many aspects we already rank behind countries such as Afghanistan, Russia, China and Pakistan.

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